The Knife Store UK is a family owned and operated business that sells quality branded knives that represent the greatest value for money, designed with quality, precision, and uniformity in mind.

At The Knife Store UK, we only work with brands that we are hands on in manufacturing ourselves directly from our factories, we focus on breakthrough technology and new ways of thinking, always designing, always developing, and creating timeless quality products for the market. 

The Knife Store UK was born after working closely with many business partners over many years to form an online retail storefront. We sell direct to customers worldwide and we have warehouses located in the Oswestry, right here in the UK and in Los Angeles and Brisbane, Australia.

Inspired by Quality:

We strongly believe that on a Quality v’s Price ratio, we are one of the best. Every one of our knives is handcrafted, checked, and then checked again by our own QC team that represents only the best in their field.

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